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Duluth Music Lessons

Discounts for School of Music students

DISCOUNTS and FREE stuff for music students!

The two primary elements of Red Clay Music Foundry are separated into two floors. Upstairs is the theater, and the instruction rooms for Gwinnett School of Music lessons and workshops are downstairs.

The theater, booked and managed by the legendary Eddie Owen, hosts live music every weekend and all students at Red Clay Music Foundry are given discounts (and in most cases, free admission) to concerts. It’s a chance for music students or workshop attendees to hear world-class musicians up close in the 260-seat room.

The same goes for our workshops, where music students have attended guitar, songwriting and performance sessions with artists like Michelle Malone, Levi Lowrey and Muriel Anderson.

Check out the concert calendar for Eddie Owen Presents: Red Clay Music Foundry.

Benefits of Music Lessons

Whether its piano lessons as a child or guitar lessons as an adult, learning to play an instrument can be rewarding experience at any age. Music students often perform better in school, and learn skills that will help them in many aspects of life. There are many benefits of music lessons, and these benefits can last a lifetime. Read More

Why younger kids should take music lessons

IMG_5563Early childhood is when kids acquire language. From birth, children are uniquely wired to decode the sounds they hear, making connections and associations that develop into language. Much like English, Spanish, French, and Chinese, music is a language. When children are exposed to music from a young age, they can become native speakers, acquiring an innate sense of rhythm, harmony, and other aspects of music. Music lessons for kids can build on this early foundation, allowing children to develop into successful performers and enhance their skills in other areas. Read More

How Music Enriches Your Life

From lullabies in your mother’s arms, to the wedding march, and ending with laments sung at your funeral, music is an important part of the human experience. Music serves many purposes, including relaxation, celebration, worship, mourning, and entertainment. It is a shared feature across cultures world-wide and throughout the generations, proving that humans have an intrinsic affinity towards music. Music can enrich your life in a variety of ways: providing an outlet for emotions, affecting mood, increasing creativity, and connecting you with other people. Read More

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