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What Students Think of Recording Classes with Tim Wheeler!

Recording Class:

We love getting feedback form our students! During our journey into the latest technology with music and recording, we rely on critique to better tailor our recording classes to the students’ needs. So far, our students have loved this offering, and learned valuable information which enables them to record and produce their own music. The following are reviews from recent students.


Review 1;

The mixing class I took with Mr.Wheeler opened many opportunities for me. I have always been interested in music, it is my passion. The class took my knowledge of musical engineering to an entirely new level. Tim is an outstanding teacher. He will teach you not only the basics of how to get around your DAW but also many tricks and tips to mixing. You can go into his course knowing nothing and leave with a lot of new information. You can also be familiar with your DAW or mixing in general and will still leave class with a tip I’m sure you’ve never heard of. Overall this class is taught by a great guy with a passion for music who will lead you to the next step in your musical journey.
– Dylan Gabrielson

Review 2;

I am a home recording enthusiast. I eagerly signed up for the recording boot camp 101 class when it was first offered by the Gwinnett School of Music and Red Clay Foundry. I know the basics of recording but mixing was a bit of a mystery. The first class was exciting, fun and informative. Tim Wheeler, the instructor, helped build a base understanding of recording including gear, vocabulary, DAW, and many other concepts. Many learning exercises required hands on assignments. I was much better at recording and mixing after the first class. I took the next two classes which took a deeper dive into the tools used today and Tim shared methods used in the recording industry to get the best mix possible. Overall it was a fun, challenging and rewarding group of classes and I encourage anyone who is interested in recording or mixing music to enroll. – Lee Perdue

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